Mission Statement

We want to be more than a publishing company.

We believe there’s more to the act of creation than profit margins and bottom lines. We are not neutral or apolitical, but instead take a stance on the world we live in. We have a philosophy and a mission, and we both actively strive for and hold ourselves accountable to it. And we know we can do all that while challenging ourselves to create gorgeous works of art and unparalleled designs.

We strive to challenge and revolutionize what games can be and who gets to play them.

Our games eschew many of the guiding frameworks that have historically shaped tabletop role-playing games. We create for people who have never played games before, for people who have always found games inaccessible or impenetrable, and for people who have always wanted something different than what games traditionally provide. We embrace aesthetics that aren’t traditionally associated with the dominant culture of role-playing games, bringing in artists and writers from a huge variety of backgrounds and giving them the tools to make something visually distinct and uniquely stunning.

Our games invite everyone to imagine rich and fantastical stories that reflect the wonder of our own world.

We believe it’s possible to find magic in the mundane and adventure in the uneventful. There is beauty and horror in equal measures in the liminal spaces at the edges of society, where the highway ends, the lights flicker out, and dreams blend seamlessly with the world around us. While our games might visit distant lands and traipse across the stars, they are always grounded in our home in the Hudson Valley, the liminality of queerness, and the majesty of the everyday.

We value our artists, writers, editors, and consultants as they work on producing high-quality designs.

We know it is possible to create something beautiful and lavish without sacrificing fair pay, flexible deadlines, and respect for the people we work with. We are committed to building something sustainable, something compassionate, and ultimately something that empowers our creators and coworkers to produce their finest work.

We give back to our communities, and hold ourselves accountable to them.

We engage with and empower our fellow creatives, and seek to uplift and empower their stories and perspectives. We materially support and provide aid to people whose lives are impacted by systematic disenfranchisement and discrimination. We acknowledge that existing in community is a dynamic process, and we work to learn from those around us. We hope to build a community that can hold compassion and respect, while also giving space for righteous anger at unjust systems and hurtful actions.

We dream of a better world than the one we live in today.

We are meaningfully invested in anti-fascist action, in Indigenous stewardship over colonized land, in Queer and disabled joy, in the dismantling of the capitalist carceral state, and in the survival and prosperity of all those who have been marginalized by an unjust and cruel society. We believe all of this is possible within our lifetimes, and while tabletop role-playing games are not direct action, we want to make a tool that empowers all of us to dream of frameworks outside the ones we stand against today.


IGDN Standards and Practices Signatory
IGDN Standards and Practices Signatory