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Creekside Community Center

Possum Creek Games is supported by fans like you on Patreon, a crowdfunding subscription platform that we use to sustainably maintain our work and give back to all of you. On our Patreon, you can get first looks at some of our upcoming projects, articles about cutting-edge approaches to design, games that you can’t grab anywhere else, and a connection to a community of like minded designers, players, and friends.


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Possum Creek Games is constantly workshopping new concepts and experimenting with new ideas. By joining our Patreon, you can get looks at our projects as we design them, catching insights into the creative process and accessing games long before anyone else.

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We’re constantly producing smaller games that experiment with themes and mechanics. Some might someday make it into print form, while many others will remain exclusive to our Patreon.



“There's something really special about these games and the community around them. Playing Jay's games feels somehow like you are exploring something deep and unknowable while also being profoundly and compassionately taken care of. My best and kindest tabletop experiences to date have happened within this community and I couldn't be more grateful to be a part of it.”
— Dani


"Backing the Possum Creek Patreon has given me access to a place to talk about game design and gaming with a community of designers and players that are extremely generous, kind, and insightful. Discussions there have changed how I think about games."
— Gabriel  


“I don't think that there's anything more emotionally honest in regards to roleplaying games out there.”
— Carrot


“If you play a game from Possum Creek Games, your life is going to be changed for the better.”
— Cici