IGDN Professional Standards and Practices

In an effort to promote transparency and increase the bargaining powers of workers in the indie/small press TTRPG industry, and in order to support the IGDN Professional Standards and Practices for Analog Game Publishers, this page documents our rates of pay and expectations for the freelancers, contractors, and staff members we work with throughout the TTRPG industry. Throughout this we’ll use terms drawn directly from the IGDN standards. Please refer to that document if you have any questions about terminology.

Note on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and NFTs: Possum Creek Games stands fundamentally opposed to speculative technology built around the blockchain. We are committed against their presence in tabletop role-playing games and in the broader creative landscape.

Last updated January 2024. 

Writing. ¢20/word (varies based on nature of the project)

Illustration and Art. $30/hour *

Consultation. $30/hour. (minimum)

Proofreading and Copyediting. ¢3/word

Developmental and Line editing. ¢8/word

Royalties. We adopt a retail royalties model for designers whose work we publish. The standard case is a negotiated advance, 50% of any crowdfunding profits or digital sales, and with 15% of each book shipped from our warehouse.* Additionally, we compensate artists we work with for merchandise on a sliding scale of 5% of merchandise MSRP, in addition to payment for the art itself.

* These are both estimates and often vary based on the project and nature of work.