The Haeth Grant

The Haeth Grant is currently not accepting new applications at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A small grant program for creatives in the Tabletop RPG industry designed to uplift small creators, support Wanderhome, and create more equity within our communities.

Wanderhome is a pastoral fantasy TTRPG about a group of traveling animal-folk journeying through a scenic and slowly-healing world.

We wanted to set aside resources so small creators can add to and inhabit the universe of Wanderhome, and the Hæth Grant is our tool to do exactly that. We’ll give you the money you need to devote time and care to your project, along with support from our team, funds for artists and promotion, and more.

Whether you’re making a playbook or nature, a module or setting, or even something totally new inspired by Wanderhome, we’re here to help out, to the best of our ability.

How To Apply

  1. You have a cool idea for a project related to Wanderhome.

  2. You fill out a Hæth Grant application, checking to make sure it fits with our Principles (see below).

  3. We’ll review your application. If everything goes smoothly and we have money in the fund, we’ll send you an email confirming.

  4. You reply to that email within 2 weeks with a signed W9 (or W8-BEN, depending), a contract that covers everything said here in legalese, and a method for us to pay you.

  5. Boom, you’ve done it! The grant is yours. Happy creating!

Grant Benefits

  • Funding, up to $500 USD. This money is legally freelance pay, and is subject to any local taxes and ordinances. You will be responsible for ensuring you adhere to local tax laws.

  • An adjusted version of the Wanderhome Creative Commons license, giving you permission to use certain assets related to Wanderhome.

  • High-res assets related to Wanderhome, including decorative marginalia, assorted small illustrations, and typefaces.

  • Formatting templates for both Indesign and Affinity, if you want to copy the Wanderhome look for the project.

  • Permission to call yourself a “Hæth Grant Recipient”, if you’d like (you don’t gotta)

  • Permission to sell and market your project as being “from the world of Wanderhome”

  • A link to your project on our website (right on this page!) as well as promotion on our official social media channels.


Possum Creek Games, and by extension Wanderhome, is staunchly committed against sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and all other forms of structural discrimination against marginalized communities. Works that uncritically reproduce dynamics of oppression, encourage hate against marginalized people, or are otherwise regressive and harmful will be rejected.


  • This grant is only available if you are 18 years of age or older. 

  • We reserve the right to reject any applicant for any reason without any further explanation.

  • We reserve the right to terminate the grant at any time, for any reason. Upon termination, you will still receive grant funding, however you will lose access to all other benefits of the grant.


What happens if we have to abandon, pause, or are otherwise unable to complete the project?

You are not expected to return the grant funds, and we will not revoke the grant based on project completeness.

What’s the deal with copyright?

We still own the copyright to Wanderhome, but you have exclusive ownership of your own creation. It's yours, not ours, and we don’t have the right to distribute it without your permission. 

Why does it have to be connected to Wanderhome?

This grant is funded by a Wanderhome Kickstarter, and exists as a way to fund creators so they can contribute to the world of Wanderhome outside the core release.

What if my idea isn’t (for one reason or another) connected mechanically to Wanderhome, and it’s just an aesthetic inspiration?

Hell yeah! This grant is intended for stuff like playbooks, natures, and the like, but if you want to write a Wanderhome album or a short story or a painting or whatever, that’s all great! It doesn’t have to be compatible with the Wanderhome game mechanics, just connected in some way.

What if I have an idea for a project, but I would need more than $500 USD for the grant?

You are welcome to reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do. We can’t make any promises. 

What sort of costs should I be thinking about when I apply for the grant?

Every project is going to be different, but a few things worth thinking about are:

  • Hiring an artist, if you’re not an artist yourself

  • Hiring editors, sensitivity readers, cultural consultants, etc.

  • Any publishing tools, like the Affinity Suite

  • Marketing

  • Printing or production costs

  • Pay for your own work and time

How do you choose which applications to accept? What if I’m not good enough/don’t deserve it/etc.?

There are no specific rules that we use to choose which applications to accept. Applications from marginalized creators and/or less-established creators are especially encouraged, even if you think you’re not good enough for whatever reason. While I can’t promise we will accept your application, we are interested in a plurality of ideas, and any concept with a thoughtful pitch and some enthusiasm has a very good chance of being accepted.

What can I do with my project once it’s done? Can I charge money for it?

It’s all yours! Publish it in a zine, post it on or DrivethruRPG (tag it with #wanderhome if you’d like!), tweet about it, do whatever you want. You can absolutely charge money for it, if you’d like. 

Can I contribute to the Hæth Grant, to increase the fund pool?

We don’t at the moment have a way for you to contribute to the Hæth Grant, although that’s something we’re looking into!