The Team

Jay Dragon (no pronouns)

Portrait of Jay Dragon

Jay is the editorial director at Possum Creek Games. Jay is a queer disabled game designer born and raised in the Hudson Valley, who grew up digging for newts in the riverbed, attempting (and mostly failing) to summon ghosts with friends, and taking long rooftop naps. Jay got into role-playing games (and met Ruby) at the Wayfinder Experience, where Jay would run largescale live-action events for almost one hundred fellow kids.

Jay’s first published game was Sleepaway in 2019, a horror RPG about a group of queer summer camp counselors keeping their kids safe from a strange and uncertain world. In 2020 Jay launched Wanderhome - a pastoral fantasy RPG about traveling animal-folk and the world they encounter. These days, when not writing games or managing Possum Creek, Jay can often be found sitting on a dock by the creek, listening to music and watching the sun set.

Here is a style guide for using Jay's pronouns in speech.

Ruby Lavin (she/her)

A portrait of Ruby Lavin

Ruby is the art director and graphic designer at Possum Creek Games. She grew up traveling back and forth between NYC and the Hudson Valley, alternating between body checking strangers on the 2 train and LARPing in the woods. She studied graphic design, gender and media theory at Bennington College, where she started designing books in 2013.

Ruby started working with Possum Creek Games in 2019 as layout designer, illustrator, and editor on Sleepaway, and quickly proved herself invaluable. She took on art direction for Wanderhome, developing a unique aesthetic and guiding almost twenty artists to create a cohesive vision. Ruby also enjoys taking photos of weird plants, being submerged in water, and a good charcuterie plate. She lives in Philadelphia with an enormous lizard that she calls her boyfriend.