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Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast (Preview PDF)

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While it’s hard to say whether there’s any one particular day that’s best for running away from home, if forced to choose, one would probably say the 15th of September would be as good a day as any. But on the other hand, to the mud-soaked and waterlogged girl stumbling through the woods, the fifteenth didn’t feel particularly good for anything whatsoever.

After all; it was her birthday, and nothing good had ever happened on it before.

In the rainy damp woods, full of rainy damp thoughts, the girl wove past a broken-down wooden gate in an old stone wall without even taking notice of either. She did notice the house beyond them, though, and might have hesitated a moment if not for a sudden peal of thunder. A little bell chimed as she stepped inside, boots stomping against the small welcome mat, ignoring all the signs on the front door except for the words Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast.

Welcome to Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast, a slice-of-life tabletop RPG about a heartless witch, a peaceful house, and all the folks who have made their home inside. This playkit features all of the following:

  • All the rules you need to play Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast.
  • Five residents (Gertrude, Sal, Hey Kid, Parish, and Amelie)
  • Six guests for additional characters,
  • Eight chapters to play.
  • Some locked materials, for trying out some special mechanics (which includes five more guests and four more chapters)

Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast is a very special game. It uses pre-set characters, quick-play chapters, and an adaptable ruleset unlike anything else out there. It takes less than a half hour to learn how to play and get started, but with new chapters and secrets to unlock folks can stick with the game for years and years.

The full release of Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast is coming to Kickstarter March 2022. That release will have:

  • Hardcover and paperback versions of the full book.
  • Two extra residents (Yazeba and the Moon Prince)
  • 40+ guests, from a biblical angel to a fluffy white cat.
  • 50+ chapters, each its own modular adventure.
  • Journeys for every resident and guest for longterm play,
  • and more!!