3rd Party Licenses

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Here’s How It Works

Our 3rd-Party Licenses cover creators and their ability to work within the worlds we build. If you want to write fanfiction, make music, develop supplements, or create guides to any of our designs, the 3rd-Party Licenses give you the capacity to do that legally.

You do not have to ask us for permission to draw inspiration from any of our games. If there’s a mechanic in one of our games that inspires you, please just use that in your own design! Credit us where credit is deserved, and use the 3rd-Party license if you feel like you’re drifting close to our original creative work.

Streaming, Actual Plays and Podcasts

We have no limits on audio content depicting our games being played, either solo or as a group. We support the streamers, APers and podcasters in our community and believe they are an important part of the creative ecosystem. You do not have to ask us for permission to play our games. 

Our Different Licenses

License for Sleepaway

License for Wanderhome

License for Wickedness

Other Games

Possum Creek Games is constantly producing new games and working on new projects, and we don’t have designated 3rd-Party Licenses for all of our smaller releases.

If one of our smaller games does not have a designated 3rd-Party License, and you would like to create fan content in relationship to it, you can reach out to us about it and we’ll give you guidance. (Hint: it’ll probably be very similar to how things work for our larger games)