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Wanderhome Stretch Goals (PDF)

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“Far from home but on the way 
we will while away the day, 
to seek with myth and memory 
the taste of how we used to be.” 

These two PDFs contain elaborate expansions to the world of Wanderhome, exploring all corners of the Haeth. 

Far From Home But On The Way is a cookbook for the world of Wanderhome by the award-winning designer Jeeyon Shim. It features more than a dozen recipes for various sweets, meals, soups and snacks that would probably be eaten by travelers on the road, in addition to history about that food and a few special games you can play with your friends within a game of Wanderhome.

Guest Natures & Playbooks contains nine new playbooks and eighteen new natures for Wanderhome, written by an incredible team of designers: Adira Slattery, JR Goldberg, Taylor LaBresh, Brandon O'Brien, Luke Jordan, Viditya Voleti, Jamila R. Nedjadi, Riley Rethal, and M Veselak. 

These are designed to work with the Wanderhome core rulebook. You can purchase PDF copies of Wanderhome on here or snag physical copies here.